Cerulenin Facts Sheet

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Cerulenin is an Antifungal antibiotic isolated from Cephalosporium caerulens; Acryocylindrium oryzae; Helicoceras oryzae

Cerulenin  Interrupts yeast-type fungi growth by inhibiting the biosynthesis of sterols and fatty acids.

Cerulenin  Inhibits HMG-CoA synthetase activity. Cerulenin  Induces apoptosis in tumor cell lines

Cerulenin 2D formula:

cerulenin 2d


Cerulenin should be Protected from light.

Cerulenin is hoped to serve as an Inhibitor of fatty acid synthase induced apoptosis in human
colonic cancer cells



  1. Effect of 2-fluoropalmitate, cerulenin and tunicamycin on the palmitoylation and intracellular translocation of myelin proteolipid protein.
  2. Cerulenin inhibits growth of human colonic carcinoma in nude mice
  3. An experimental study on cerulenin induced apoptosis of human colonic cancer cells
  4. Cellular pharmacology of cerulenin analogs that inhibit protein palmitoylation.
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  6. Response of Bacillus subtilis to cerulenin and acquisition of resistance.





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